It seems the tiny home trend has appeared out of thin air. Large, lavish homes used to be what every family aspired to live in, but now there are television shows dedicated explicitly to their tiny counterparts. There are a few reasons why tiny homes are the trend as of late.


Environmentally Friendly

With concern about global warming on the rise, many people are looking for a way to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Smaller homes are more energy efficient because they require much less energy consumption regarding heating, cooling and lighting. Some tiny homeowners even incorporate solar panels into their design, making their home have a tiny carbon footprint as well.



Less square footage equals less cost. The average price of a standard single-family home is $270,000, while the cost of an average tiny house is only $23,000. This low cost allows many families to go mortgage free. ADUs, a specific type of tiny home, even allow families to make money from their small home. Because an ADU is built on the lot of an already existing home, you can rent out the larger house and live in the ADU, securing passive income.



The trend towards minimalism goes hand in hand with the tiny home trend. Many people are looking to rid themselves of unnecessary possessions and live a simpler life. This idea of minimalism is often credited to Henry David Thoreau, who some consider the first minimalist. The movement to tiny homes is a push-back against materialism and consumerism.


Low Maintenance

A smaller space means less upkeep needed to keep it livable. If you only occupy a 400 square foot space, vacuuming, dusting and sweeping will take a fraction of the time it would take in a 2,000 square foot house. Doing repairs on a tiny home take a lot less time than repairs on a large home, and cost less.


With less space comes less responsibility. Many families have turned to living in small homes for a variety of reasons, be it cost, a smaller carbon footprint, or less work. No matter the reason, the argument can be made that a tiny home is the best fit for many families across the globe. Interested in learning more about ADUs? Learn about the laws regarding the building of ADUs, what cities are beginning to allow them, and the history of ADUs.