Tiny homes have become a phenomenon around the globe. Thanks to popular television networks, many people find themselves desiring the small accommodations. There are many reasons why tiny homes have grow in popularity. Their sustainable nature and affordable upkeep costs have made them a trend for those wanting simple living.



One of the most obvious reasons people choose to downsize is the affordability smaller homes provide. Everything from heating and cooling bills to property taxes take a huge cut for those residing in tiny homes. When the housing market plunged in 2008, many people strayed from buying a home and chose to rent. Since then, rental fees have skyrocketed and reached all time highs. With the emergence of tiny homes, people are reaping both the benefits of rentals (size and cost) and homeownership. This blog breaks down the realistic milestones and costs for those wanting to invest their time and resources into a tiny home.



A smaller home offers the environment relief. Not only does its minuscule size require less energy, it also takes up less space. Many tiny homeowners choose to position their house in a remote location. If larger homes develop on the same land, many more trees would need removal and thus nature becomes more disturbed. Additionally, the less space the house requires, the more room for outdoor activities such as gardening.


Simple Living

Those who decided to downsize are also choosing to lead a simpler life. With limited space in a tiny home, it becomes necessary to remove an extra clutter from their lives. By living smaller, many will choose to “liberate themselves from the curse of too much stuff.” With less square-feet to maintain, cleaning a tiny home becomes a breeze and likely will not conflict with an entire day’s schedule. Many tiny homes have replaced the concepts of recreational vehicles



Living large is a goal of those wanting showing-off their hard earned money. But, the tiny house sensation has encouraged many to consider extreme downsizing. No matter the budget, a tiny house provides a simple and more sustainable means of living. Whether searching the small abode market for financial or easy living reasons, anyone can find comfort in a tiny home.