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3 Reasons Why Auxiliary Dwellings Units Can Cure America’s Housing Crisis

Auxiliary dwelling units (ADUs) are known by a few different names. The most common is accessory housing, or “in-law apartments”. Oddly enough, the latter name refers to the idea of the old-fashioned mother-in-law unit.   However, today they are growing in appeal as a way to address a more pressing problem than where to stash […]

Tiny Home Resorts Opening Around the United States

The tiny house revolution is booming and now tiny home resorts are opening all over the country. One of the newest tiny house resorts in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania’s location is Tiny Estates at Ridge Run campsite.   Great Options for Tiny Home Owners Ridge Run currently has two houses on the site, but the owners […]

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Know The Rules! ADUs and Their Laws

You might have a rough idea of what an accessory dwelling is, but do you really know what the actual definition is for cities and towns? The concept is simple. A building counts as an accessory dwelling if it is a second small dwelling on the same property or connected to your home. Examples include […]

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Tiny Homes Making a Big Impact on the Real Estate Industry

Tiny homes have been swiftly gaining popularity over the last 10 years. And the trend shows no sign of stopping. TV shows like “Tiny House, Big Living,” “Tiny House Nation” and “Tiny House Hunters” have fascinated audiences with the joys of tiny homeownership and the many benefits of living the small-home way of life. The […]


What is an ADU?

  The phenomenon of tiny homes has swept the nation. With the popular network, HGTV highlighting these small homes, many are choosing to purchase a tiny home. Although this trend seems to be a new concept to many, the concept of small homes has been around for many years. Usually referred to as ADUs (auxiliary […]


Top 3 Reasons To Downsize Into A Tiny Home

Tiny homes have become a phenomenon around the globe. Thanks to popular television networks, many people find themselves desiring the small accommodations. There are many reasons why tiny homes have grow in popularity. Their sustainable nature and affordable upkeep costs have made them a trend for those wanting simple living.   Cost One of the […]


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