Living in a tiny home means having a tiny amount of space. This allows you to downsize your possessions and live a more minimalist lifestyle. But, you can’t throw away everything you own. To maximize the use of space in your tiny home, follow these five storage tips.


Add a loft

Lofting your bedroom is a must for a tiny home. It maximizes your space and adds some privacy in shared areas. You can add a loft above the kitchen, bathroom or living room area. Adding a loft lets you utilize every square inch, so you get the most out of your space. Plus, having a loft will give you more storage space, as per my next tip.


Use the space under the stairs

The area under the stairs is the best-kept secret for storage. It’s tall and deep, meaning there’s plenty of room for storing things, but it’s also hidden so your house won’t look cluttered. There are a few approaches you can take to utilize this space, depending on your preferences. You can install drawers, use a roll-out cart, or cabinets. Whatever way you use, you’ll be adding lots of storage space.


Retractable kitchen drawers

Counter space is limited in a tiny home. Save some space in your kitchen by adding retractable shelves. You can store your microwave, toaster, or any other small appliances usually kept on your countertops. This tip not only saves space but also makes your kitchen look less cluttered.


Ceiling to floor shelving

To make the most out of a tiny home, you want to utilize all of the space possible. One way to do this is by adding ceiling-to-floor shelving on empty walls. By turning an empty wall into a shelving unit, you can store books, kitchen necessities, or anything else you want.


Multi-use furniture

In a tiny home, your furniture needs to be putting in more work than in a standard living space. Use this tip in every room of your tiny house. Get a kitchen table that folds into the wall to maximize floor space. Create a couch using storage containers. Have your bed double as a storage unit by creating a bed frame out of bookshelves.