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How to Establish Rules with Your Renters

Building an ADU on your property gives you the option to rent out either your home or the ADU. Before you let renters move into either property, it’s essential to first establish rules with your tenants to ensure the best living situation for all parties.   To establish what your expectations are with your renters, […]

How to Maximize Space in a Tiny Home

Living in a tiny home means having a tiny amount of space. This allows you to downsize your possessions and live a more minimalist lifestyle. But, you can’t throw away everything you own. To maximize the use of space in your tiny home, follow these five storage tips.   Add a loft Lofting your bedroom […]

Why Tiny Homes are on the Rise

It seems the tiny home trend has appeared out of thin air. Large, lavish homes used to be what every family aspired to live in, but now there are television shows dedicated explicitly to their tiny counterparts. There are a few reasons why tiny homes are the trend as of late.   Environmentally Friendly With […]

The History of ADUs

Though rising in popularity now, auxiliary dwelling units are not a new concept. These tiny homes have existed for many years and were a standard feature of single-family homes during the early 20th-century.   World War II After World War II, there was an increased need for housing. This need led to a boom in […]

3 Reasons Why Auxiliary Dwellings Units Can Cure America’s Housing Crisis

Auxiliary dwelling units (ADUs) are known by a few different names. The most common is accessory housing, or “in-law apartments”. Oddly enough, the latter name refers to the idea of the old-fashioned mother-in-law unit.   However, today they are growing in appeal as a way to address a more pressing problem than where to stash […]

Tiny Home Resorts Opening Around the United States

The tiny house revolution is booming and now tiny home resorts are opening all over the country. One of the newest tiny house resorts in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania’s location is Tiny Estates at Ridge Run campsite.   Great Options for Tiny Home Owners Ridge Run currently has two houses on the site, but the owners […]

Know The Rules! ADUs and Their Laws

You might have a rough idea of what an accessory dwelling is, but do you really know what the actual definition is for cities and towns? The concept is simple. A building counts as an accessory dwelling if it is a second small dwelling on the same property or connected to your home. Examples include […]

Tiny Homes Making a Big Impact on the Real Estate Industry

Tiny homes have been swiftly gaining popularity over the last 10 years. And the trend shows no sign of stopping. TV shows like “Tiny House, Big Living,” “Tiny House Nation” and “Tiny House Hunters” have fascinated audiences with the joys of tiny homeownership and the many benefits of living the small-home way of life. The […]

Locations Leading the Way in ADU Development

Accessory dwelling units, or ADUs, are small living units located on the same grounds as residential housing. Due to the current economy, more and more families are banding together to help each other both financially and with domestic responsibilities. The U.S. population is aging, with nearly 20% now past retirement age. Rather than assisted living, […]

Things to Consider Before Building and ADU

  Are you interested in earning some extra income? Do you have extra land that could fit a home, the size of a garage? If you answered yes to these questions, it may be worthwhile for you to look into building an ADU on your property. While not all cities welcome the idea of an […]

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