Mirko Manfredi, and wife Mia Manfredi, are the proud owners of Extra Tiny Homes. Based in Hawaii, Extra Tiny Homes is a development company which offers the people of Hawaii affordable housing options, with a plethora of advantages.

Extra Tiny Homes provides residents of Hawaii with pre-built tiny homes that are both efficient and desirable. Back in 2015, Mayor Caldwell, of Hawaii, passed the “ADU” bill, which allows the average home owner to build a separate tiny home on their property that they can legally rent out for income.

Part of Mirko Manfredi’s inspiration for this project was based on the concept of “bringing family back home”.  Senior housing is extremely expensive, $5000 to $12,000 per month, but with Extra Tiny Homes you can have your older family members live on your property, saving money and allowing them to enjoy the whole family being together daily.

Additionally, Mirko Manfredi felt Extra Tiny Homes could give people the opportunity to downsize when they’re ready to retire and travel the world. Leaving homeowners with the option of renting out the big house and moving into the tiny house, which would ultimately generate a significant monthly income. Mirko Manfredi’s Extra Tiny Homes allow families to retain the property for generations to come and enjoy price appreciation.

Clients are able to rent the tiny house out for 4 to 6 years and ultimately gain their investment back.  Everything after those initial years is pure profit, or even a free place to live for the family.

What Does Extra Tiny Home Offer?

Quality Control–  The prefab homes are built in a controlled environment in a factory, so you can be confident that your home will be built with uniform quality.

Energy Efficient – The pre-built homes are manufactured for optimal energy efficiency and sustainability.  In traditional construction extra materials often lead to waste.  The controlled environment in which our homes are built makes it easier to assure construction is accurate, joints are tight & that air infiltration and escape is minimized. This allows our homes to be insulated to a higher level than traditional built homes, and subsequently, often more energy efficient.

Quick Build – 6 week construction time! Homes are built in two parts, both sections are prebuilt and then transported to the building site and assembled with cranes on top of the prebuilt foundation.

The biggest reason why people don’t build a home is that they don’t have the time nor the desire to deal with all the stress and worry that traditional construction offers.  Mirko Manfredi’s Extra Tiny Homes have solved that problem and given Hawaii a chance to make long term passive income for themselves and their families.